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Stepanov Roman, 25 years old

Date of birth: 17 August 1988.
Kanash, Chuvashia..

Diagnosis: cysticfibrosis. Roman was 13 years old when he learned about being incurably ill. At this age even trifle troubles seem a colossal problem, but Roman managed to withstand, to accept the disease and learnt to live with it and value every moment. Now he needs your help in paying for his medicines in the amount of RUR 202 592.
13 March 2013

My name is Roman, I am 25. I had not even heard this word «mucoviscidosis» till I was 13. When doctors diagnosed me with this disease the life made an unexpected turn. Have I changed after that even though I had been sick from my birth? It’s hard to say, I very much feel like saying that I have not, but actually I have. I still tryto spend my time with my friends, I like to watch football and good movies. I don’t know what exactly has changed except a new day plan and pills, maybe my attitude towards time. I started to value the time remarkably quickly and to separate important things from insignificant.

Now I have received an education degree and I have found a job. I work depending on my health, thanks to the nature of my work and the management allows my to work at home and in the office. They understand that I need sometimes to go on lengthy sick leaves to go to the hospital during the aggravation period. My favorite hobby is photography and change in surroundings, which is not obligatorily going thousands kilometers away from home — a trip to a neighbor town or to the nearby lake would be enough. Traveling helps to abstain from the routine and to contemplate about the issues that we do not have time in our regular life for.

To make it real I need to be in a good health, but it’s impossible without a continuous drug administration and without suppressing bacteria in my lungs with antibiotics. My low salary is not enough for that. Now the doctors recommend to undergo several courses of treatment with antibiotics, but because of a high cost of medications I can not pay even for one course. I will be grateful for any help and I hope that with your support everything will be fine.

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