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Suleymanova Aynoore, 23 years old

Diagnosis: consequences of a spinal trauma. Aynoore leads a very active life, despite her condition. Her activities are very restricted though, as her old wheel chair is not very mobile. Many places are very hard to get to, even her university. Aynoore is dreaming about a new wheel chair that would allow her to move around more freely. She can’t buy it though, because the cost is 102,040 rubles (3,700 dollars). She needs your help!
27 June 2011

Aynoore has proven to everyone that it is possible to get back to normal life after a serious trauma. What you need is to keep fighting, to never give up and to do a lot of painful and difficult exercise. When you are paralyzed, even the simplest task of wiggling your toe is extremely painful and hard. Even getting up from the bed in the morning is a very difficult task, and you always need someone else’s help. So what id Aynoore’s secret? How does she deal with all the difficulties? Probably it is that she never lets herself doubt that one day she will walk again.

Now she can sit up and get up on her feet, she can walk slowly, and even go up and down the stairs. All of that with someone’s help. And a lot of pain. Aynoore is trying to lead an active life, because that helps to keep her spirit up, without that you can’t fight the paralysis. She goes to movies and theaters, tries to get out of the city sometimes. So far all of that is extremely complicated to do, as her wheel chair is not very mobile. It only goes back and forth, and doesn’t turn. She can’t use the elevator, she can’t go up or down the curb, she even has to ask for help in order to go up the special ramp for wheel chairs.

Aynoore is dreaming about a new wheel chair that would let her move around better and feel independent. Unfortunately it is too expensive for her, she does not have 102,040 rubles (3,700 dollars). Her family spends all the money they have for Aynoore’s rehabilitation. We are asking you to help Aynoore!

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