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Surodeev Vitalii, 20 years old

Date of birth: 27 August 1991.
Bachatskii town, Kemerovskaya oblast.

Diagnosis: spinal trauma. It’s been 3 years that VItalii cannot walk. Rehabilitation courses help in bringing him back up on his feet, but he can’t afford to take those very often. In order to train himself at home he needs special training device. We are asking for your help in paying for the training device that costs 106,300 rubles (3,380 dollars).
15 September 2011

Vitalii used to be just an average young man. He went to school, did sports and had many friends, as well as plans for his future. Then he suddenly found himself in bed, not being able to even turn around by himself. He would drink only with a straw, eat with the help of his parents and see the world only on TV. He stopped having plans for the future that seemed dark and unhappy.

A person’s life can become completely different in one moment. Nobody can be insured against an accident. Everything happened very quickly. He was driving his car at a regular speed on a good road. Later he woke up in an ICU, he remembers that the doctor gave him this supportive yet hopeless look. He had a fracture in his cervical spine, which meant inevitable paralysis.

When VItalii came home, he couldn’t move his legs, and only partially — his arms. That’s what a complicated trauma did to his body. However he was able to stay the same optimistic person as before. As soon as the doctors allowed it, Vitalii did a rehabilitation course, and then one more, and later another one. Now he can move his arms, stand up on his feet, and even make several steps with the help of the walking frame and his dad. Vitalii doesn’t doubt that he’ll be able to walk again, he’ll come back in the world of healthy people and will stop being a burden for his parents. The only thing that prevents him from making that happen sooner is that he can’t afford to do rehabilitation more than 2 or 3 times a year. It costs too much money, they just can’t pay for more courses. In between the courses he could theoretically train at home, but there is no special equipment in the small town that they live in.

Vitalii dreams about a training device that would allow him to work on his legs and arms and back on his own, at home. Then he’d be able to train every day. It goes without saying that these exercises would bring him much closer to the long-awaited goal of full recovery. However his family doesn’t have the money that is needed, 106,300 rubles (3,380 dollars). Vitalii is hoping to find your support in the matter. Please, help him come back to the regular life of a healthy person. He is still so young!

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