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Sycheva Nadezhda, 28 years old

Date of birth: 11 May 1982.
Kaluzhskaya oblast, Kondrovo city.

Diagnosis: aftermath of spinal trauma, spinal cord injury, lower paraparesis. Nadya needs help in purchasing a wheel chair Voyager from Otto Bock that costs 82,040 rubles (2,600 dollars).
29 November 2010

Nadezhda Sycheva is 28 years old, and for the past 10 years she hasn’t been able to walk. Nadya was born in a small city Kondrovo in Kaluzhskaya oblast. She graduated from high school, went to college, but at the age of 19 she got in a horrible car crash. As a result she got spinal compression fracture and legs paralysis. It is hard to imagine what a young girl must have gone through when she heard the diagnosis. Nevertheless, Nadya’s stamina, will power and incredible commitment to her goal gave her a chance to start recovering.

From Nadya’s letter:

For the first 6 months I was just in bed all the time. Then I learned to sit up... My whole life now is dedicated to exercise and achieving my goal to start walking again...

In the fall of 2009 Nadya took part in rehabilitation camp «Crossing», where she was taught to overcome obstacles and to go up and down the stairs. Now she can go outside more, she became more self-sufficient. Unfortunately, this increase in Nadya’s activity also has a downside, Nadya’s old wheel chair is gradually wearing out.

From Nadya’s letter:

... I live in a small city and we don’t have pavement on all roads... To go outside I need a more durable but light wheel chair with rigid frame. I tried to get a second wheel chair for active movement with the help of government funding, but they denied my request. I have heard a lot of good things about the wheel chair from Otto Bock. The wheel chair that I need costs 82,040 rubles (2,600 dollars). Please, help me get it! I don’t know where else to ask!

Nadezhda lives with her mother and an older brother. Now she goes to College of Industry and Education, she majors in social care education. Let’s help this brave and committed girl, so that her future students will have a real teacher that can teach how to appreciate life and how not to break even in the toughest situations.

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