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Tarakulova Aymira, 5 years old

Date of birth: 21 December 2017.

Diagnosis: Congenital heart defect. If the girl were the citizen of Russia, she would already have undergone an urgent heart operation. But the family came here from the Kyrgyz Republic to save the child, so the operation will cost RUB 434 676. Aymira’s parents do not possess such a sum, so the procedure has been postponed for several times, while the functioning of the girl’s heart is being supported by means of medicines. We beg you to help pay for the operation.
4 June 2018

Aymira’s parents were dreaming of a happier and wealthier life for their daughter, so they decided to leave the Kyrgyz Republic, where they had not been able to find a job despite all their attempts, and moved to Samara. Almost at once the girl’s father found a position of a worker at a construction project — it was laborious, but the man was glad to be sure he would be able to earn money for his family. The girl’s mother is a sewer — she started working on order. They both had no doubt that the childhood of their daughter would be happy and comfortable, so she was a long-awaited child. They could not know, however, that their decision to move was life-saving for the child.

When Aymira was two months old she was taken to hospital because of a severe flu; there she was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect. One of the best Russian cardiological centres, located in Samara, immediately took control over the girl's state of health. In her native land the level of medical proficiency is not high enough to perform heart operations for such small children. If the girl lived there, the operation would be postponed until the child reached a certain age, which would be equal to death, since the girl’s weakened heart would have no chance to function that long. On the contrary, in Samara the date of the operation was appointed at once, because a defect like this has to be treated as soon as possible.

However, despite such a lucky chance, the operation has not been carried out so far. Since she is a foreigner, for her the treatment is not free of charge: it costs RUB 434 676. There is no chance that her father will manage to earn such a sum. Hence, the only hope for the girl to survive is to get help from indifferent people. Now the girl is alive due to the therapy that was prescribed by the doctors to give her parents some time to raise the money. But the effect of the drugs cannot last long. The operation must not be postponed any longer. We beg you to help save Aymira.

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