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Tarasenko Ekaterina, 17 years old

Date of birth: 28 June 1993.
Khabarovsk city.

Diagnosis: tuberous sclerosis. Katya needs help paying for the genetic test and a course of treatment with Keppra. The cost is 147,647 rubles (5,200 dollars).
23 March 2011

From the letter of Katya’s mom:

Katya was always a delicate child, she always had to go to different doctors. When she was 3 we noticed the first epileptic seizures. We went to several different clinics in Khabarovsk and finally she was diagnosed with epilepsy. Seizures were getting longer and stronger. Katya was lagging behind other kids her age, she kept suffering.

In 2006 during yet another examination doctors diagnosed her with tuberous sclerosis. They also found clear cell adenocarcenoma. It’s a tumor on her kidney with numerous lesions along the blood vessels in the kidney. Serious kidney pathology made it necessary to remove her left kidney. In 2009 doctors suspected Katya had a genetic disorder, but to confirm they need to do DNA screening. It is a very expensive test, it costs around 57,000 rubles (2,000 dollars). We don’t have that much money.

As of today Katya is trying hard to lead normal life, but she needs medicine all the time. Please, help us in buying Keppra for one year treatment. We cannot afford it, all our income gets spent on other medicine, and we also have a younger daughter.

Sincerely, with hope and gratitude, Evgeniy and Victoria.

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