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Tarasevich Nikita, 5 years

Date of birth: 14 January 2003.
Moscow, Russia.

The diagnosis: cystic fibrosis. While Nikita takes the vital medicine his life is no different than life of his peers. However the medicine is not free and the family cannot afford to pay for it. You have paid for the two three-months courses of Colistin treatment. Thank you!

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For your information

Cystic fibrosis is the most widespread hereditary disease. About 15 000 children in Russia have such diagnosis. Cystic fibrosis patients can live a long quality life, but they need medicines for this purpose. Medicines which they do not receive and, consequently, their life is twice shorter than of their foreign peers.

We can save many of those children. You can read more about them on the page of our project “Cystic Fibrosis Help Program”.

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