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Tatlybaev Radmir, 14 years old

Date of birth: 10 May 1996.
Raduzhniy city, Tumenskaya oblast'.

Diagnosis: viscidosis. To cope with pseudomonas infection and stop lung damage he needs antibiotics treatment course that costs 256500 rubles.
6 November 2012

Radmir’s mother is going home with her son after treatment course in Moscow but she knows that the course wasn’t enough to get rid of pseudomonas infection. She repeats doctor’s words in her head: «If you don’t do inhalations, nothing good would happen». Radmir’s health was so neglected that it was impossible to cure him during such a short time in the hospital. And they don’t have a chance to get there again soon.

Radmir’s mother tries to find a solution and possible variants to help her son, to find money for his treatment. But they don’t have enough money anyway. His mother is a pensioner and his father’s salary is only enough for living. And they need 256500 rubles just for three packs of the cure.

Radmir is also sad. He feels that the treatment in Moscow brings just a temporary relief. He coughs more and more often and every spasm is heavier and heavier. He tries and he can’t find strength to come back to his favorite boxing class, which he had to give up to study well and to think about his future.

Mother and son keep silence. They smile trying to calm down and to support each other. The both thinks about the same thing — they have to ask for a help one more time. They have to hope that they will get the help again, because they just don’t have another choice.

28 January 2011

In Russia there aren’t many cystic fibrosis specialists, so Radmir has to go all the way to Moscow that is 2,000 km away to see the doctors.He’s been fighting pseudomonas aeruginosa, lung infection, for two years. In October 2010 doctors tried to give him inhalations of Tobi. The effect was astonishing. Doctors insist Radmir get treated with Tobi for 6 months, but his parents couldn’t get the medicine for free. Local government refused to help them, since the antibiotic is not on the vital medicine list. How can some list dictate whether a child lives or dies?! We ask you to help Radmir breathe freely again!

From the letter of Radmir’s mom:

My son gets worse every day, he gets sick very often. Now he’s in a hospital in our city, doctors are doing everything they can, but they don’t have the necessary medication. Because of pseudomonas aeruginosa it gets harder and harder to breathe, but we can’t buy the medicine that’d make him better. I cry at nights when I see him suffer. He knows about his disease, he knows the possible outcome in case there are no drugs. We know that you help many children, and we hope that you will also help my son.

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