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Tcybin Vyacheslav, 21 years old

Date of birth: 22 March 1991.
Mikhaylovskaya village, Kradnodarsky region.

Diagnosis: Effects of spinal injury. Needs help with the payment of the rehabilitation course, the cost is 308 430 rubles.
6 July 2012

It’s not easy to tell you about Slava. Usually the stories about our children cause compassion, remorse and desire to relieve pain. And we try to write these stories in a way that cause such feelings. But it is not the same with Slava. We don’t feel sorry for him. I look through his photos in a social network; I read his conversations with friends; and I am happy. We are used to treat handicapped people as defective, disadvantaged and miserable. But it is our own problem that we have such feelings. I see a happy, good-looking, energetic, handsome and really friendly guy. I loose count of girls that sit at his knees in these photos! Plenty of his fiends wrote the supportive «Keep it up, bro!» The tragedy took place in his life 6 years ago, when he injured his spine while he was diving. But it didn’t divide his life into «before» and «after». Slava entered the college in Moscow by distance and studies programming. Now he is finishing the second year. He really loves music and often organizes parties, where he is a DJ himself. He earns his pocket money in the internet and communicates with friends a lot.

After the injury Slava was completely paralyzed. The injury was in the upper spine so either arms or legs didn’t work. Now he has already taken several rehabilitation courses and spent years of hard work at home. The arms work but the legs are still immobile. That is why we ask for your help to make one more rehabilitation course possible for Slava. He is really able to make his best during the tree weeks in the rehabilitation center, we believe in it!

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