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Tiunov Aleksey, 25 years old

Date of birth: 22 December 1999.
Chelyabinsk Oblast, Zlatoust.

Diagnosis : spinal trauma, the result of a car accident. Within the recent two years Aleksey has managed to achieve a lot: he can already walk using walking bars and even cover a small distance using a rollator walker. Doctors courage him up saying that he has a good potential for overcoming the consequences of the trauma. His best results were achieved due to doctors of the Saki Sanatorium; but all the savings of the family have been spent to treat there. Thus there is no money left for another course of treatment at a cost of RUB 319 450. We beg you to help Aleksey so that he could walk again.
22 February 2018

The life I used to lead was the one typical of any young person aged 22. But on the 22th of July 2015 everything turned upside down: I got in a car accident and my thoracic spine got damaged. The part of my body below the chest became completely paralysed. At once I lost everything I used to have: my profession, my job and studying, and — what is most important — the ability to walk.

In the letters we receive people often write that their disease has changed their life dramatically and has split it into two parts — ’before’ and ’after’. Aleksey’s letter is no exception. When he came round in hospital he did not realise how grave the situation was. It seemed that doctors would apply some magic device, Aleksey would stand up and go home, on his own. Much later he came to realise that his ability to walk depended on his own efforts and that it would take quite a time to regain the skill; there is no need to say that it was the bitter truth. He did not want to think about it, but could not avoid such thoughts, since his legs (so useless in that time) constantly reminded the man of the accident and of the life ’before’; disquieting thoughts about the unknown life ’after’ haunted him all the time.

Only when first, more or less tangible, results were achieved, Aleksey came to realise: even though his life had changed, he did remain the same; the man who had many plans to strive for, had goals and aims, was a strong and a confident person. The only thing to be changed was his goal of major importance; now on he was eager to walk again. That was one of the most important things to understand he had ever had. Within the recent two years he has achieved a lot: he can walk using walking bars and can cover a small distance using a roller walker. This is the result of his hard labour and lumps of money that were spent on his treatment.

A lot of work is ahead, and a lot of results to achieve. The life is ahead that will be full of motion, for Aleksey will be able to walk again, confidently and freely. But to make the wish come true he needs your help. The only way for him to walk again is to undergo special treatment, but the family can no longer afford it. He has already taken three courses at his own expense and thus has spent all his savings, as well as those of his parents. That is why we beg you to help him. The full course of treatment costs RUB 319 450, and there is no chance it will be complete unless you help Aleksey.

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