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Trupyakova Vera, 29 years old

Date of birth: 8 December 1984.
Saratov, Russia.

Diagnosis: spinal cord injury. Vera by her own example proves that a person can lead a full and active life even in the wheelchair. Although Vera has overcome many difficulties, her dearest dream remains to recover her legs, making Vera practice to walk around the flat with a walking frame. She has made some progress already, but it’s too early to tell that she has the ability to walk on her own. She needs to undergo treatment at the hospital. The rehabilitation course costs 144,000 rubles, which is approximately 3,000 euros, and we are asking you to help Vera pay for it.
18 July 2014

To tell the truth, there are few disabled people in Russian streets. For them, , the urban environment seems like an impassable jungle. There are exceptions though. There are individuals who don’t fear to come out of the house and ride in the wheelchair not only on smooth asphalt but on paths in the woods, and to prove that there is life after injury, that sitting at home within four walls will never get you back on your feet.

Vera is one of those amazing people. It is hard to tell what gives her the strength to overcome all the disadvantages caused by her injury. Maybe it is inborn perseverance and optimism. Or maybe it’s just because Vera has always had to rely on herself: when the girl suffered a spinal cord injury and ended up in a wheelchair, her parents were retired and all they could give her was love and care, in questions concerning treatment, she could rely only on herself.

When Vera had recovered, she first graduated from the university, then got a job. She was involved in many social activities for the disabled organized by the city authorities, performed in a comedy club, and even took part in orienteering in a forest where she won a prize. She had to traverse pits and hillocks, and stop on the hardest parts of the path, but Vera got convinced one more time that no obstacle can stop you from achieving your goal.

Vera has repeatedly proved that the wheelchair is not a confinement which makes you live a different life. One would wonder, what more could you wish for — you have self-respect, love and admiration of others.. Why then does it make you sad to see people who can walk, who can easily do what you can’t in spite of the efforts you take? Vera works out every day after work: she takes the walker and starts walking, and she keeps on doing it until her legs give out from tiredness. In her dreams she can walk on her own. And that makes all achievements feeble.

The problem is that for a patient with a spinal cord injury complete recovery is impossible without special treatment that should be done at least twice a year. It costs quite a penny — much more than Vera and her parents can afford. If only she had enough money, she could say goodbye to her wheelchair and return to normal life. Kind people is her only chance to do that. A course of treatment at the rehabilitation center «Ortos» in Berdsk, Novosibirsk region, costs 144,000 roubles (3,010 euros). Please, help Vera with paying for it!

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