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Tsykin Artyom, 5 years old

Date of birth: NaN  Art.

Diagnosis: Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). This is a genetical, constantly deteriorating disorder, which gradually makes the boy weaker and reduces his strength. Artyom has never been able to walk or to sit on his own. Nevertheless, his arms do function, which means that he can handle an electronic wheel chair. This will give him a chance to move and to lead a normal life, full of emotions, events and happiness. Such a wheel chair costs RUB 251 000; the sum that the family does not possess. We beg you to help Artyom!

3 November 2017

In order to live Artyom needs quite a few things, while there is just one thing that can make him happy. He does not demand to make him healthy, though he suffers from a serious genetical disorder — spinal muscular atrophy. He never bombards his parents with questions, wondering when he will finally be able to walk and run, though the disease has been preventing him from any physical activity. He does not desire much: just to be loved by his parents and to have them nearby; the boy wants his parents to read his favourite books aloud for him, to smile and laugh as often as possible, and never to cry because of him. If it is so, he will be happy and will be able to cope with every trouble.

SMA is a severe disease; patients suffering from it are still able to think and to feel, but cannot move. Artyom cannot hold a toy which is heavier than the one from a ’Kinder Surprise’ and cannot cough if he has caught a cold. Life span of children with this disorder is unforgivably short. Currently, in some parts of the world children suffering from SMA take a newly invented medicine to cope with the disorder, but, unfortunately, the drug is not yet provided in this country. It may probably appear here later, and the boy might be provided with it among others — this is the hope that supports the whole family, every member of which does his best to fight with the deteriorating disease. The parents, at the same time, focus on the idea that their son should have a happy life irrespective of its duration. They love their boy tenderly; they spend much time with him and very often hug him.

We beg you to help the family to buy an electric wheel chair for the boy. The boy’s arms work properly, so he will cope with handling it. He will be able to join his mother for a walk, while she pushes his younger sister’s wheel chair; he will be able to move around the house without any help, will become self-sufficient and will actively take part in the life of the family. It is not a big deal for some people, but for Artyom who has been devoid of these thigs for so long it is an opportunity to discover the world full of communication, interactions and emotions. The boy is growing up, so the world of books and his favourite fairy tales is becoming too small for him. The wheel chair costs RUB 251 000, which is an enormously huge sum for the family. We beg you to give the boy an opportunity to live a full and happy life!

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