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Turaeva Anya, 5 months old

Date of birth: 7 October 2010.

Diagnosis: congenital heart disorder. Anya needs urgent surgery, but she can’t get it for free in Moscow, because she is not a citizen of Russia. The surgery will cost 193,850 rubles (6,800 dollars). Her mother does not have that much money and also they don’t have time to solve the problem with citizenship. The baby needs to be saved.
17 March 2011

Anya and her mom are in a difficult situation. Irina is a citizen of Ukraine, but her job is in Moscow. When she found out she was pregnant, she was very happy. She couldn’t conceive until she was 33, even though she really wanted a child. Finally, she found out the good news. It seemed like she finally found her happiness and nothing could get on the way. She had a job, the owners of the apartment she was renting didn’t mind her having a little girl. The father didn’t want to have anything to do with Irina and her daughter, but those difficulties didn’t scare her, Irina believed she’d do just fine even by herself.

Everything seemed fine. The pregnancy was going normal, ultrasound didn’t show any problems. Doctors were surprised to hear heart murmur when Anya was one week old. She was diagnosed with one of the most complicated heart disorders, Fallot’s tetralogy. She can only be saved if she has a surgery very soon.

This is how Anya and her mom found themselves in a difficult situation. Anya was born in Moscow, but is a citizen of Ukraine. Therefore, she cannot be covered by Russian quota for surgeries. Irina could take her to Ukraine for medical help, but moving will take precious time and they might arrive there too late. The only solution for them now is to have the paid surgery in Moscow. In Bakulev’s research center doctors have examined Anya’s heart and said the surgery would cost 193,850 rubles (6,800 dollars). Irina does not have that kind of money. She and her daughter rely only on your help.

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