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Ulmasova Afruza, 3 years

Date of birth: 15 July 2006.
Toshkent, Uzbekistan.

The diagnosis: a congenital heart disease. The disease of this complexity cannot be treated in Uzbekistan. The physicians in St.-Petersburg are ready to help. Three operations are required to fully treat the defect. The first two were already successfully performed. However the single mother cannot find money for the last operation. We have paid 312,100 rubles (10,068 US dollars or 7,258 euro) for the third operation and surgery materials.
7 August 2009

We finish the collection of donations for Afruza. The missing sum (88,067 roubles) will be transferred from the donations collected for Olya Oznobikhina. Doctors in St. Petersburg hospital are waiting for Afruza to come for a closing stage of defect correction in September. Many thanks to all who responded to the plea of Afruza’s mum!

Afruza’s mum thanks all who helped with fund raising:

I write this letter with tears on my face and immense gratitude in my soul. I ask the Eternal One to grant all of you, who have helped us in our trouble, happiness, health and success. Let your life be as pure and kind as your acts are. I ask all of you to accept my boundless gratitude. I’m the mother who is not alone anymore in the struggle for health and happiness of my daughter.

3 August 2009

From the letter of Afruza’s mother:

The birth of my daughter was very important milestone in my life. Afruza was my late and longed child. Her father dissappeared right after Afruza’s birth, when we all found out that our little one was born with severe heart defect.

As Afruza’s heart defect is very difficult one, doctors in Uzbekistan refused to operate my child immediately. My parents gave me all the support they could at that difficult time: they sold their car, found the specialized clinic in Russia, gave me all the money they had and sent me and my daughter to get the surgery in cardiological center in St Petersburg, Russia. In one more year my daughter received another surgery: second stage to correct the heart defect. This fall she is scheduled to have another surgery, the final stage. Although all our financial abilities are used now, we have no funds to pay for the only chance to save my daughter. I beg all kind people: please help us!

You can make a donation or help us otherwise:


Collected: 224,033 rubles ($7227 or €5210).

The missing sum (88,067 roubles, $2841 or €2048) transferred from the donations collected for Olya Oznobikhina.

donor name date amount
14 Monin Aleksandr 05.08.2009 26,013 rubles
13 Tolpegin Arkadij 04.08.2009 150,000 rubles
12 Arifullina Zul'fija 04.08.2009 1000 rubles
11 Andriiy Samsonov 03.08.2009 8250 rubles
10 Zhai (Tanker) 01.08.2009 21,000 rubles
9 olesi 01.08.2009 1980 rubles
8 Potapov Denis 31.07.2009 1000 rubles
7 Anonymously 31.07.2009 50 rubles
6 ROOI "INVAKOR" 30.07.2009 1000 rubles
5 Anonymously 30.07.2009 40 rubles
4 Gindin Aleksandr 29.07.2009 10,000 rubles
3 Seredkina Natal'ja 23.07.2009 1000 rubles
donation for Olya Oznobikhina
2 Solodovnikova Marina 22.07.2009 2000 rubles
donation for Olya Oznobikhina
1 Marina Adler 21.07.2009 700 rubles
donation for Olya Oznobikhina

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