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Uzhakin Pavel, 9 years old

Date of birth: 16 April 2004.
Murmansk, Russia.

Diagnosis: infantile cerebral palsy. Pavel dreams of an ordinary boy’s life, but the disease limited the ability of his body to move, and doesn’t let him develop, taking away all the simplest joys of a child’s life and the hope of a bright future. There is a chance to overcome the disease, but the costly treatment is needed. Pavel’s family doesn’t have the money to pay for it. We are asking you to help Pavel undergo a rehabilitation course at Dr. Shamarin’s Hospital. It costs 120,000 roubles.
6 August 2014

The things that a person confined to one place can do are few: look, listen, touch or take something with the hands. And if the hands don’t obey either, all that’s left is listening and looking, and waiting for strangers’ help. That is, if they understand what he is trying to tell them, because even moving his tongue to speak is quite difficult. Limited physical abilities inevitably lead to limitations in life, when the living space ends at arms’ length.

That is how Pavel is living — a nine-year-old boy suffering from infantile cerebral palsy. There is nothing he can do without difficulty except look and listen. He can use his hands with varying degrees of success. For the rest, Pavel needs his parents’ help. The disease couldn’t take away the boy’s wishes, though, — wishes for everything out of arm’s reach, for what anybody around but he can get hold of.

Therefore, any action beyond Pavel’s limits is like a precious gift for him. Taking a pen off the table and drawing a line is an opportunity to express himself through drawing. Enunciating a new syllable clearly is a chance to be understood by others in the future. Making one more step during exercises is a hope to leave the house, become independent someday. Such gifts are priceless, they represent a different, full life. But they are too costly for Pavel’s parents. The progress is made during treatment, and the family can’t afford it.

We are asking you to support Pavel — to help him make life brighter and overpass the limits. A rehabilitation course at Dr. Shamarin’s Hospital costs 120,000 roubles. There children with cerebral palsy overcome the defects in their development with the help of experienced instructors and intense exercises. Dr. Shamarin’s Hospital awaits Pavel, and the boy is eager to go there for treatment. Please, help him accomplish it.

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