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Uzhegova Yanina, 23 years

Date of birth: 22 February 1987.
Korkino, Province of Chelyabinsk, Russia.

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis. You helped pay for antibiotic Colistin (78,740 rubles or 2,500 dollars) that fights lungs infection and one course of treatment with Meronem and Fortum (90,000 rubles or 2,900 dollars). They were urgently needed to fight infection relapses.

Now Yana needs your help again to pay for treatment with Tienam and Fortum. One course costs 143,628 rubles (4,600 dollars)
22 November 2010

Yana’s disease has reminded of itself again, pseudomonas aeruginosa has progressed. Yana needs a course of treatment with intravenous antibiotics Tienam and Fortum.

From Yanina’s letter:

I would like to thank the fund for sending me some Colistin last year, it helped me survive this winter. Because I’m in a desperate situation I have to ask for help again.

Despite all the doctors’ effort my disease continues to relapse again and again. I had two bilateral pneumonias one almost right after another, in February and April of 2009. Because of that I had to go on leave for a year from my university, but I really want to keep studying and living. I don’t get upset though. I started learning Photoshop, I write poems and draw and believe in tomorrow.

I ask you to help me find the money for a two-week course of Tienam (84 g) and Fortum(190 g). Unfortunately my hospital doesn’t have those antibiotics, but they are very important when treating pseudomonas aeruginosa.

27 August 2009

We’re finishing the fundraising for Yana’s medicines. Many thanks for your help in payment for them.

You can make a donation or help us otherwise:

For your information

Cystic fibrosis is the most widespread hereditary disease. About 15 000 children in Russia have such diagnosis. Cystic fibrosis patients can live a long quality life, but they need medicines for this purpose. Medicines which they do not receive and, consequently, their life is twice shorter than of their foreign peers.

We can save many of those children. You can read more about them on the page of our project “Cystic Fibrosis Help Program”.

Donations for “Meronem” and “Fortum”

Collected: 89,654 rubles ($2,892 or €2,085).

donor name date amount
6 Zhai (Tanker) 21.08.2009 18,600 rubles
5 Anonymously 20.08.2009 64 rubles
4 Sergeeva Nina 18.08.2009 5,000 rubles
3 Zhai (Tanker) 17.08.2009 62,000 rubles
2 Anonymously 17.08.2009 3,000 rubles
1 Anonymously 16.08.2009 990 rubles

Donations for “Colistin”

Collected: 79629 rubles.

donor name date amount
4 Anonymously 11.11.2008 890 rubles
3 Anna 10.11.2008 44,596 rubles
2 Anonymously 03.11.2008 990 rubles
1 Anonymously 21.10.2008 33,153 rubles

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