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Vershinin Zhenya, 2 years old

Diagnosis: children’s cerebral palsy. Zhenya has a good prospective, he has all the chances to rehabilitate. He needs to pass three courses of treatment in Dr. Skvorchov’s Clinic. The cost of one course is $1,585.

My boy has children’s cerebral palsy, but he has chances to recover as far as it is possible with this disease. All the doctors who examined him from birth said so.

Of course, it is not possible to cure completely children’s cerebral palsy, but you can achieve great progress if you do special exercises with a child. Then a child has a chance to catch up his peers in development and possibly even walk as usual children. Zhenya mostly has problems with motor development, his brain is not damaged though he has some level of mental retardation. He already can do many things: he turns, crawls, catches things with his hands, walks if I held him by hands, giggles, knows and can show the parts of the body and can say separate words.

My son needs a treatment in Dr. Skvorchov’s clinic. Dr. Skvorchov said that Zhenya can start walking but we need to do the treatment as soon as possible.

17 october 2007

Today we renew money collection as to help Evgenie Vershinin. Treatment in Dr. Skvorchov’s Clinic gives remarkable results, it has to be continued. Next course of rehabilitation is appointed to January, 10th. The cost of one course is $1,585. Please, help Evgenie!

Ludmola, Eugene’s mother, sent us his last photoes:

4 june 2007

Required funds was gathered. Thanks a lot! Today boy was arrived to clinic.

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