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Vinokurova Natalia, 31 years old

Date of birth: 17 May 1985.

Diagnosis: Polytrauma, Spinal cord injury. For ten years already Natasha cannot walk because of a driver’s mistake. Numerous courses of rehabilitation the girl had taken could help her only partially. Natalia wrote to the Fund to ask you to assist in buying a wheelchair. It will enable her to live an active life, to do sport and be self-contained. The cost of the wheelchair is RUB 137 000.
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From Natalia’s letter:

Hello! My name is Natalia, I am 31 years old. My diagnosis runs as follows: Polytrauma, Spinal cord injury. Once I had already asked you for help, and you helped me a lot: I managed to take a course of rehabilitation which made me feel considerably better. Time passed, I was working at self-improvement, was doing sport — was swimming in a swimming-pool and was going to the gym. But year by year the state of health was getting worse, pain was increasing. I have consulted many doctors, but all of them agree upon the following thing: ‘There is nothing to do about your injury; you have to put up with it.’ I suffer from it for six years already. I try to do sport, to swim, to work (I do sewing); recently I kept up archery — I have to distract myself from the injury. But the problem is I cannot move my legs any longer, as pain is too severe. That is why I have decided to use a wheelchair again to relieve pain.

The wheelchair I have now can hardly be called portable; it can be used by the people who stay at home, and I want to move and live! The means of moving has become an obstacle for me: the tyres have to be pumped full every two hours, the back is shaky, the brake does not function properly. While training I want to concentrate on shooting, but I have to wonder whether the wheelchair would break into pieces at this very moment or after the shot. While getting out of the swimming pool I am afraid of falling down on the way to the cloakroom. I cannot afford a new wheelchair, although I try to work and earn to pay for myself. My parents are pensioners and cannot support me financially. There are not many chances that the Social Insurance Fund would help either. The wheelchairs supplied by the Fund recently cost RUB 14 000, while the one I need costs RUB 137 000. That is why I beg you to help me again, so that I could continue spending an active life actively and enjoy the moments that have left for me yet.

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