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Volkhin Dmitriy, 22 years old

Date of birth: 22 May 1989.
Rubtsovsk city, Altaiskiy region.

Diagnosis: spinal trauma. Dima is learning to walk all over again. He makes good progress, he has achieved a lot in two years. Dima is asking you to help him start walking again. He needs a special exercise equipment that costs 202,920 rubles (7,200 dollars) so that he can learn to walk at home.
23 June 2011

He had a lot of time to think. He was fully immobile, he couldn’t move his arms or legs or even turn his head. He only had white ceiling in front of his eyes and many many minutes, hours, days and months to think. What did he have before? He had a regular life of a 20-year-old with school, friends, plans and dreams. Then one careless jump in the water made him lose it all and left him only with the white ceiling in front of his eyes. Doctors didn’t give him much hope and only his mother was by his side. He had a lot of time to think.

It is relatively easy not to go out of mind and not to surrender to despair. Accepting the new condition is part of the process for a disabled person. The hardest part is to keep trying to change the situation and to believe the change possible when the doctors say it’s not. Dima believed. He forced himself to believe in brighter future just like he forced himself to wiggle his pinky finger one day.

Since then Dima had 7 rehabilitation courses. Now he can sit up, move around and even walk with the help of special training aids. His feet are still very weak , but Dima believes he’ll make them walk again. He believes he’ll be able to walk freely, just like he could before that unfortunate jump in the water. He’s been dreaming about this exercise equipment Thera-Vital, so that he can do his special exercise at home and not waste time in between rehabilitation courses. Unfortunately for now it’s only a dream. His pension and his mom’s small income are all spent on daily treatment, and the equipment costs 202,920 rubles (7,200 dollars). It is hard to come up with this money. Dima had a lot of time to think. When he ran out of other options, he decided to ask for your help.

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