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Volkov Alexander, 21 years old

Date of birth: 20 June 1989.
Kovrov city.

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis. To fight lung infection Sasha needs one course of treatment with a powerful antibiotic Meronem that costs 100,185 rubles (3,250 dollars). Sasha’s family does not have this money.
30 December 2010

Sasha needs treatment to survive. The only medicine that will help him is Meronem, but it costs a lot of money. The family lives on two monthly pensions, 6,000 rubles each (that’s only about 400 dollars all together). You are the only chance of survival for Sasha.

From the letter of Sasha’s mom:

Sasha used to work as a taxi driver, but now it is too hard for fin because of decreasing lung function. I am retired and also not a very healthy person, it is very hard for me to earn money. So we try to survive with only two pensions. We live together with my mother, she is 86 years old and also requires special attention. It used to be easier for Sasha, but then he caught a dangerous infection — Burkholderia cepacia. It does not respond to any antibiotic anymore, only to Meronem. Without treatment it will simply destroy his lungs and he won’t be able to breathe. We can’t count on the government, because they tell us we are too expensive to treat. But how can you possibly say that to people whose life depends on that medicine?!

I am begging you, please help my son, the only hope we have left is for kind people like you to help us.

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