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Vorobyov Pavel, 3 years old

Date of birth: 30 September 2007.
Naberezhnye Chelny.

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. This disease is a consequence of a surgery performed when Pavel was little. Now he has to go through years of hard rehabilitation. We are asking you to help in paying one course of treatment in the International Clinic of Rehabilitation Treatment n.a. Professor Kozyavkin, the cost is 1,940 euros.
11 April 2011

Pasha’s story is another evidence of how important it is for an ill child to get to the right doctor on time. Pasha was born with congenital heart disorder and two months later he had a surgery in a Cardiology Center in his city. Later during the second surgery in the Children’s city hospital in St. Petersburg it turned out that the first surgery was in vain. It is way too risky to perform a surgery on tiny blood vessels of a new-born without any experience and necessary equipment. Surgeons in St. Petersburg did everything they could, and Pavel’s heart finally started working properly. The only thing they could not fix, and they will never be able to, was the consequence of the first surgery which lead to ischemic hypoxic damage to the nerve system and cerebral palsy as a result. Now the child is facing many years of rehabilitation, such diagnosis cannot be fixed with one surgery.

Pasha’s parents have already done a lot to make their son healthy. They have paid for very expensive treatment, they even paid for the surgery in St. Petersburg, because despite all the promises the government didn’t pay even a small part of it.

The parents have found a clinic where doctors help help children with nerve system damage, they saved up money and took their son for the first course of treatment. Pasha started showing positive dynamic right away. He learned to sit up, to talk, to express himself with gestures when there were not enough words in his vocabulary, he learned to walk and even run holding hand. Doctors in their home city couldn’t believe their eyes. Doctors from good rehabilitation centers of Russia and Ukraine take such changes for granted. That’s why those rehabilitation clinics exist — to help children like Pasha to have positive dynamic.

We ask you to help Pasha and his parents. They don’t have enough sources to pay for all of the necessary treatments. This year Pasha needs to go to the Rehabilitation Clinic again, he needs new changes, new positive dynamic. One course costs 1,940 euros and his parents cannot pay for it without your help.

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