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Vorobjeva Dasha, 6 years old

Date of birth: 19 December 2004.
Khimki city, Moscow region.

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Dasha needs a course of casting treatment in Yevpatoria Clinic that costs 142,400 rubles (5,000 dollars). Dasha’s mom is a single parent, they don’t have enough money. Please help the girl become healthy!

2 March 2011

From the letter of Dasha’s mom:

When Dasha was born, my life split in two parts. In the first part I lived with a man whom I loved and who loved me, we were planning to have a big family, we were expecting twins. Back then my life was very happy, all of my friends envied me. My parents were happy for me. Everything turned upside down in one day. The second part of my life started, when the doctor in a hospital said «One girl will die, the second girl will be disabled.» Later I realized what caused such a terrible outcome. First I had a big fight with my boss about maternity leave, then my labor started prematurely. Nurses tried to stop it, even though my waters had broken already. When they realized that they needed to hurry up to save my babies, they used extreme measures and started squeezing them out.

One girl died a day later, the other was barely alive for two months. When she stabilized, the doctors offered that I just leave her. I absolutely refused, I just couldn’t take another loss. The father didn’t support it and told me «It’s your choice». Then he left. He helps us sometimes if we need to go to the hospital, but that’s his only way of participating in our lives. It was his choice.

Now Dasha is 6 years old. All these years went by, and not for a minute I regret about my decision. What would I do without my little angel? She is very smart and incredibly beautiful. She sings well, she draws and is very sociable and joyful. When the tragedy happened 6 years ago, everybody was sorry for me. They had no idea how happy I am now to be a mother of my Dasha.

Together we’ve achieved a lot. Despite the negative prognosis from the doctors, Dasha learned to walk, intellectually she is completely normal. She’s getting ready to go to school, she wants to go to a regular class like all the other children. Her biggest dream is to be like everybody, to not stand out with her disabilities. They are noticeable unfortunately. As she’s growing up, her knees bend more, her feet develop wrong and her manner of walking worsens. Doctors recommend casting. It is a painful and complicated procedure, but Dasha is looking forward to it, because it will allow her to walk better. The treatment is very long and expensive, 142,000 rubles (5,000 dollars). I can’t pay for it, and I have no help to hope for, other than yours.

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