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Vyazov Platon, 5 years old

Date of birth: 30 November 2011.

Diagnosis: Congenital heart defect (CHD). Platon has only half of the heart. Treating him in this country would be too risky, so that doctors strongly recommended that the boy should be taken to Germany. He has already undergone four operations, but to date the treating is far from being complete. The next stage of correcting the defect costs EUR 8 000. We beg for your help!
2 February 2017

From his mother’s letter:

Since his birth Platon suffers from a heart defect that used to considered terminal till recently. Nowadays doctors know how to help the children with this disease. Platon is only five, and what hard five years we had! This period was full of struggle for our son’s life, full of constant worries about him; of nights, during which I counted his pulse and respiration rates... But at the same time — it brought us so much happiness that another operation has been performed, that our son is still here with us, he has fun, smiles, plays with a ball, swims in a river, helps his younger brother and learns something new from the adults. These are the tears of deep anxiety and of happiness.

Platon underwent the first operation in the first days of life; otherwise he would not have stayed alive. His state of health has to be controlled by doctors in Germany, because in this country operations of this kind are being performed not for a longtime; thus, death rate is yet too high, and surgeons are lacking in experience. Even medicines for Platon are prescribed in Germany, as in this country appropriate methods of treating the defect have not been developed as yet.

In Autumn, 2015, you helped us to pay for one of the stages of the treatment, namely a dangerous defect — Plumonaly artery stenosis — was corrected and there a stent was placed, which can be enlarged as the child is growing up, instead of being changed to a new one. Now we need to go to Germany again, as Platon’s heart is far from being normal. And there is nothing to do but to ask you for help — we will not manage to raise EUR 8 000. We have four children — four sons, and my husband is the only to work in our family. I am doing my medical residency training to become a cardio surgeon, and get only scholarship.

Due to the forthcoming operation fenestration will be closed; this is a hole through which part of vessel blood gets to an arterial channel, which inflicts insufficiency of oxygen in the blood. Will this operation be the final one? I cannot know for sure, but I hope so. Every day of Platon’s life is a miracle. Five years ago, when we just learnt about his diagnosis, fear and worry about our boy burst into our life. There was so little chance he would stay alive. But when each new stage of the treatment has been completed, when I see how boldly Platon undergoes operations, when I see how he is growing up and developing, my hope for the best is becoming stronger. Each new day we spend with our son makes us be even more grateful to those who help us with his treatment. We cannot stop at that, it would mean everything was in vain; and Platon will not be able to live until his heart is cured. We beg for your help!

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