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Yarovoy Nikita, 11 years old

Date of birth: 23 February 2005.

Diagnosis: Bilateral hearing loss, Cerebral palsy. His family needs help to pay for a hearing aid at a cost of RUB 200 000. The boy has his hearing aid broken for more than two months already; and he has no chance to get it on quota neither in Ukraine, where the family had lived before they fled from the military campaign in their native town, nor in Russia, their temporary asylum. His parents cannot afford that expensive aid: apart from Nikita they have a daughter, who suffers from serious Congenital heart defect. Nikita has no chance to get a new hearing aid unless you help him.
28 November 2016

Nikita became a hero of an article in the «Komsomolskaya Pravda» newspaper. We express our deep gratitude to the editorial staff, personally to Yaroslava Tan’kova and to the readers for being not indifferent to the boy’s problem.

25 November 2016

Nikita is prematurely born. He is not that strong, of course, and was born a bit too early; this is true that he has problems with the lungs and as yet has to breathe by means of a mask; but he will gain in strength and everything will be all right — this was what his parents had thought the day before a presumable checking out of an intensive cure unit, on the eve of 8 March. The next it was not to happen, as the previous evening an oxygen mask had shifted a bit, and there had been no one to notice it due to a holiday. As a result, the boy faced substantial oxygen deficit and was on the edge of death. This inflicted serious damage of CNS and Cerebral palsy. In a year another disease was added to his medical records: Hearing loss close to complete deafness. It happened so as, when Nikita was twelve months old, his doctor prescribed him some drugs that are prohibited at such an early age because of othotoxic effect they produce. These drugs became the reason of the hearing loss. Nikita uses a hearing aid, but he has not started to speak in these ten years.

In the group photo there are Nikita, his mother and younger sister. Yaroslava was born in the same maternity house in Donetsk as Nikita; the girl suffers from a serious Congenital heart defect. But in the case with her, everything went rights from the very beginning: the doctors gave a correct diagnosis and informed that they would not be able to perform an operation; the parents managed to arrange a transportation to Russia with the help of the Ministry of Emergency Situations; the doctors of the hospital named after N. Filatov carried out the first regular operation; then we learnt this story and shared it with you. You have helped to cover the expenses on the treatment, the second operation has been performed; at present Yaroslava is already at home and everything is all right. Everything is as it should be.If we did not meet Yaroslava, we would never learn about Nikita. A shy and modest boy, he let us make his photo reluctantly and pointed at his sister all the time, as if he wanted to say: «It’s her who needs help, take a picture of her!» Meanwhile, the boy does need help badly: his hearing aid was broken two months ago, and cannot been repaired. In Russia his family and he himself have few rights and has no hope for the support from the government. And what about Donetsk?.. So much precious time has been lost without qualified help and rehabilitation! The child who should have been able to speak and should have gone to a common school is now devoid of all these possibilities.

The parents now are to choose, whether to stay in Moscow for the sake of their daughter, who needs to be watched by the doctors, or to come back home to treat their son. But how can one be left with such a choice? So, while Yaroslavais staying under the control of the heart surgeons in Moscow, we have an opportunity to help her brother. The hearing aid costs RUB 192 310.

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