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Yevalenko Nastya, 11 years old

Date of birth: 11 February 2000.

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Nastya had two surgeries on her legs last year followed by casting in order to start walking. Now the girl needs post-surgical rehabilitation. However, her parents already ran out of money. The course costs 64,050 rubles (2,300 dollars). Nastya needs your help!

14 June 2011

From the letter of Nastya’s mom:

Nastya was born prematurely, at 6,5 months of my pregnancy. At first we prayed that delivery goes well — that didn’t happen. At 12 months she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She couldn’t hold her head, or sit up straight, or turn on her belly. Then we prayed that her mental abilities stay intact. This time God has heard our prayers. Nastya is a smart and sociable girl, she does well being home-schooled.

Unfortunately, my daughter still can’t walk and attend to herself. She already went through so much in order to finally start walking. First she had a surgery in the Children’s Hospital in Moscow. The surgery was performed wrong and we had to treat bedsores on Nastya’s leg for 1,5 years after that. We had to fix the doctors mistakes if we wanted to see Nastya walking. I remember how we saved on everything, we would only buy the things we absolutely needed. We wanted to save enough money to take Nastya to Yevpatoriya clinic for another surgery and casting. It was a real challenge for us. I don’t have a job since I have to take care of Nastya. My husband used to work in Ministry of Internal Affairs, he had a stroke and a carotid artery surgery, so due to his health issues it is hard for him to find a good job. We collected money for 1,5 years.

Finally we had enough money and we went to Yevpatoiriya. Nastya had two surgeries and then spent two weeks in casts. It was so hard on her! But she made it through. And now all these efforts might be in vain, because without post-surgical rehabilitation all the improvements will disappear. This rehabilitation needs to be started as soon as possible, we can’t wait until we save enough money again. For this treatment we need 64,050 rubles (2,300 dollars). We simply can’t pull it off without your help this time.

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