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Zakharchenko Anton, 18 years old

Date of birth: 16 December 1992.
St. Petersburg.

Diagnosis: Werdnig-Hoffman disease. Every year Anton needs medicine worth more than 100,000 rubles (4,000 US dollars). His family’s only income is social help from the government, and it is very hard to buy all the necessary medicine with that money. Anton needs your help!
21 April 2011

Very few people are capable of living a full life and have a goal in it with a diagnosis like Anton’s. Werdnig-Hoffman disease is a devastating disease that makes a person’s muscles atrophy starting very early in life. As a result a person will suffer from scoliosis, diaphragm deformity and inner organs failure.

Anton has to live constantly feeling ill, he can’t breathe fully, he has back pains, and many many other difficulties. Besides, it must be extremely frustrating to know that you will never get up from the wheel chair. However Anton finds it in himself not to give up hope. He graduated from high school and started college. His dream is to be able to help his mom to provide for their family so that after purchasing all the medicine they’d still have some money left. Right now the dream is only a dream. Anton’s mom cannot find a job, because Anton needs her constant care, and his grandparents are retired. Every month he needs about 10,000 rubles (360 dollars) worth of medicine, without it his disease will progress faster and he’ll feel even worse.

Every year the family spend 116 683 rubles (4,200 US dollars). We are asking you to help collect that money. It will make Anton’s life considerably easier.

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