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Zaikina Julia, 27 years old

Date of birth: 11 December 1988.

Diagnosis: autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome type 1. On permanent basis Julia has to take the drugs that helps to maintain a normal level of calcium in the organism. This year a pump for automatic drug intake was implanted, which will enable to decrease the risk of developing negative consequences. Now the expenses on the medicine and material for the pump reach RUB 308 220. Julia has no chance to earn such a sum. She does need your help!
4 October 2016

When you first meet Julia you would never have an idea that something is wrong with her. She has been striving for the life she is living now for a long time. To pass through the stages of any common life — school, college, institute, job — she had to stay at hospital, to which she had been sent by the doctors who could not understand what was happening with the whic; in which she had seizure attacks in front of the doctors who could do nothing to help her; where she was losing weeks and months of her life; she had to take handfuls of pills that never helped. And only three years ago Julia’s doctor offered the girl to try and take other drug against other disease. Surprisingly enough, it worked.

Julia suffers from the autoimmune disease that causes disfunction of several organs of the endocrine system at one time. As a result, she always has a deficit of microelements, as the organism does not produce enough of them on its own. Especially badly Julia suffers from a calcium deficit — it is so substantial that it causes lack of calcium and, hence, new attacks. The years of sickness brought even more complications — her bowel does not function at all, her legs and arms are covered with some bleeding rash, one eye does not function after an unsuccessful operation. But no one would say that something is wrong with the girl when they see her.

They see a cheerful girl. She always takes a photo with her, as her life is full of interesting events. Without warming-up she can perform a split or a bridge, and walk on her hands. She uses every opportunity not to stay at home. After her job she attends a dancing class — this is the way to relief the pain, to overcome the illness. Her profile in the social networks is full of the photos with her friends. Julia tells everyone that she has come to Moscow to work, and she works with a great pleasure. It is not because she has to live closer to hospitals and earn money for the drug.

Julia calls it ‘not to display her state’. Unless you show others that you feel ill and that you are scared, pain and fear are really decreasing. But her disease is always with her, the girl has no chance to flee. Since last year Julia has had the internal drug intake by means of a pump, because the delay of even a couple of minutes could trigger another attack. Thus, the expense of the medicine has been increased and it has lead to the necessity of spending more money to assist the pump. Now Julia needs RUB 308 220 to cover all the expenses, but she cannot afford it. She cannot get the medicine free of charge, for this drug is against other disease.

It is impossible «not to display the state’ any longer, so Julia is begging you for support — for you are the people who helped her to buy medicine last year. «I hardly have the drugs for two weeks,» — Julia writes. — «I start taking to work syringes and the drug solution to minimise spending the drug. I am always afraid of new attacks. Please, help me!»

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