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Lina Zavyalova, 4 years old

The girl suffers from congenital cardiac malformation, and she needs an endovascular operation in the Tomsk Heart Surgery Center. $6,650 are needed for the operation. Doctors believe that after the operation Lina will recover quickly.

Funds raised to date: $6,750.

Letter from Yulia Zavialova, Lina's mother.

From childhood I dreamed of my own family and my own little daughter, I dreamed how I would cherish and raise her. My dream came true when Lina, my little sunshine, was born. They did not find any problems in the maternity home. Everything seemed to be going so well! But my daughter was gaining weight very slowly, she was often ill and she got tired very quickly.

When Lina was two it turned out that the oval window that should have closed after birth was still open. The doctors prescribed her medicines and told us to wait for the window to close. But the window keeps growing. Finally, we were referred to a heart surgery center. I could not believe it — my little girl needed an urgent operation.

When I think that my daughter's little body will be cut open, that her heart will be stopped I feel like fainting. We were also offered a less invasive operation to close the window, conducted through blood vessels.

But the occluder, the imported patch, is very expensive. I can't get that much money together — I work as a manager in a small advertising agency and my husband is a cabinet maker, together we make only 8500 rubles (about $300) every month. We live in an old wooden home with my sick mother-in-law. Please help us! Our Lina is so cute, she is a really smart girl, when she was just two she learned the alphabet, she can read and write now, and she loves poetry.

Comments from Sergei Ivanov, a leading specialist in the Cardiology Institute of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences:

Lina suffers from a defect and an aneurism of the interatrial septum, it has thinned and bulged into the auricular camera. The defect is letting large quantities of blood get into the girl? s lungs. But the defect is located in the center of the cardiac septum which allows for ideal endovascular surgery without sections and stitches. Lina will recover quickly.

Funds raised to date: 6750 USD.

April 18, 2006

The first two donations were received today — we got $6,690 from Pavel Aleksandrovich and 50 euros from Olivier Derobert. Thank you very much.

Rita's mother could not believe that she already can start making arrangements with the doctors for the operation. We will report the news about the treatment and its results on our web-site.

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