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Zeltser Eugene, 43 years old

Date of birth: 15 July 1972.
Barnaul, Altai krai.

Diagnosis: Blood cancer. Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) is the only way to save Eugene. He does not have a donor among his relatives; and he cannot afford to find a donor in the World Marrow Donor Association, WMDA. We beg you to help the family in collecting EUR 5 000.
12 April 2016

Today Eugene and his family have great news: the process of collecting money has been completed owing to a large donation that was directed straight to Germany; and a potential donor has been found in the Stefan Morsch Fund. Now Eugene is being prepared for the marrow transplantation.

1 March 2016

«I want to live so much!» — this is a typical beginning of the letters written by people with cancer. This illness makes a person exist in new conditions — somewhere on the edge between life and death. And the only wish left to these people is to survive — especially when they have somebody for whom they will live.

Eugene faced the illness a year ago. First, he thought he was worn out at his job. He is a taxi driver; so, his working hours could last the whole night; in addition to that — unhealthy diet, lack of movement, and so on. He thought it was the reason for feeling sick and giddy sometimes and for being lacking in strength. He did not pay much attention to it: he was the only person to take care for his wife and two daughters. He knew he has no right to stop. But one day he appeared to be in an ambulance car which took to hospital a pale man who had suddenly felt faint. Diagnosis was a big shock for him and his family — the myelodysplastic syndromes, blood cancer.

Eugene cannot work any longer. The course of treatment he took in Barnaul was no of a great help. His wife had to take upon herself all the cares of the family and Eugene. This is something that oppresses him most of all — he did not get used to be weak and helpless. Since a very young age (owing to hockey) he got used to fight till the end, to overcome pain and tiredness — to help the team win. Today Eugene's team is his family; this is the reason for him to be strong. There are, however, two serious obstacles — lack of money, and time that passes and decreases a chance of successful recovery. Marrow transplantation is the only thing that can save Eugene; but he cannot afford to pay for the search of a donor and for the pre-operation course of treatment. The cost is really high — hundreds of euro.

We beg you to help Eugene in his struggle for life — to help him collect EUR 5 000. This sum will be directed to the Stefan Morsch Fund so that they could find a potential marrow donor for Eugene. When the sum (i. e. the prepayment) is got, his analysis will be loaded into the system to select the donor who will save Eugene's life.

He used to be a promising hockey player, but missed a chance to become a sportsman because of an injury; he could have became a talented and famous musician, but preferred to work as a common taxi driver, because he was in charge of his family's welfare. His income was quite sufficient, and the whole family lived on it; but it is too small to save his own life. We beg you for help!

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