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Zenkhov Matvey, 5 years old

Date of birth: 6 December 2011.
Astana, Kazakhstan.

Diagnosis: Rhabdomyosarcoma, RMS. After several unsuccessful attempts to treat Matvey in Kazakhstan, his parents brought the boy to N.N. Blokhin Russian Cancer Research Center, Moscow. For a month and a half the doctors of the center have been fighting with the disease; and they still have very many things to do — operation, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. But the family has no more money to keep on the treatment. We beg you to help in collecting for the boy RUB 500 000.
5 December 2016

Now it seems strange that Matvey behaves in such a way — he starts smiling and laughing more and more often. He dreams of going to school, and so every day he asks his mother to learn him to read. An ABC-Book is his favourite one, he has almost completed it. ‘А’ for ‘апельсин’, ‘В’ for ‘варежка’, ‘М’ for ‘мама’... Matvey always drops ‘Б’, as he hates producing the words ‘боль’, ‘болезнь’, ‘больница’ (pain, illness, hospital); and, at the same time, he cannot remember any other words starting with this letter.

Matvey does know very well what pain is. Being treated in Astana, he was suffering from pain for days and nights, and the doctors could do nothing about it. That was the reason why his parents took the boy to Moscow: the hospital in Astana was founded only three years ago, in the Blokhin cancer has being treated for decades. Here the diagnosis was established more accurately, and the treatment has begun. In a month and a half the tumour has already shrunk by 60%. Next, three courses of chemotherapy are going to be performed, and an operation is to follow them. The pain has not disappeared as yet, but it is no longer unbearable. Matvey has started to smile and to dream that soon he will be healthy, will come back home and will go to school.

But RUB 500 000 is required so that the doctors could go on treating Matvey further on. Being a citizen of Kazakhstan he cannot get treatment for free. And his family has no more money left. All their savings have been spent long ago.

The boy is learning abc and has already learnt a wonderful ‘Д’-word: ‘добро’ (kindness). In Russia he was welcomed by the kind doctors who helped him to cope with the pain. Kindness always wins in the stories, which his mother reads him. Kindness shall win over his illness. We beg you to support Matvey. This is the only way to make his dream of becoming healthy come true.

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