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Zhdankova Sofia, 4 years old

Sofia suffers from cerebral palsy. She needs medical treatment at the St. Petersburg Brain Institute, which will cost $4,075. Medical treatment was paid. At February 2007 we paid the second course of treatment and aeroplane tickets, which costed $5,384.

For the first three days after Sofia came into this world she was on the verge on death. The doctors failed to diagnose the baby until 11 months had passed. Later it turned out that she had been born with cerebral palsy. Preliminary testing before treatment at the St. Petersburg Brain Institute requires 40,000 rubles.

Sofia is a lively, happy-go-lucky child with good memory and normal intellectual abilities, she wants to learn to walk and do everything on her own. Doctors believe Sofia has good prospects of recovery. For her to gain self-confidence, to be able to play and walk independently, she needs brain surgery.

The Brain Institute is ready to help her. But tests and medicines will cost between 30 and 40 thousand rubles.

Sofia lives in Tashkent with her mother, Zarema, who has contacted our Foundation for help. In her letter to Pomogi. Org she wrote:

Unfortunately, I was unlucky enough to fall into the hands of a negligent doctor. I had terrible labor pains but nobody was there to help me. When the doctors realized the child was entangled in the cord it was too late. All that was left to do is to push the child out manually. Poorly skilled, they hurt both me and the baby. At one point I thought I was dying, but my child suffered more than anyone. She did not cry and was carried off unconscious to intensive care. For three days they frightened us with stories of the child’s death, until the doctors said the child felt better and discharged us, instead of ordering emergency hospitalization.

This illness was caused by the doctors, they destroyed the child’s happiness. I know such tragedies are frequent and most of them are the result of doctors’ errors. But I cannot resign myself, looking at my child. She wants to do things on her own, she wants to learn to walk. I am trying to create an illusion so that she does not give up. I will fight for her as long as I live.

Prelimary tests and treatment will require 110,000 rubles (just over $4,000). Zarema’s average income is below $100 per month.

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