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Zhdanova Marina,13

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Marina needs a rehabilitation course and casting treatment, which is offered at Childrens Clinical Rehabilitation Centre at Evpatory. The cost of treatment amounts to 143 653 Roubles. The amount has been collected.

Letter from Irina Zhdanova, Marina's mother:

My daughter Marina was born premature. The doctors offered me to give up my parental rights and give up the baby, saying, you already have two children, why do you need another one, who will be disabled? From the very beginning they told me that the child will not be able to sit on her own, and will be like a plant. I decided not to give up, and came to Moscow, for consultation at the Centre for research and therapy founded by Professor I. A. Skvortzov.

We started a course of treatment and after the fifth course my daughter started walking. We have already done 15 courses of rehabilitation treatment there and have done a course in Tula with Professor  V. B. Ulsibat, where the doctors undertook 14 surgical procedures.

Marina has now learned to walk on her own, but her legs still hurt, and at the Childrens Clinical Rehabilitation Centre in Evpatory, where they specialise in treating children with cerebral palsy, we have been promised that after operation and a course of casting her condition will greatly improve. But we can not afford to pay for the treatment there which costs 143 653 Roubles. We both work, but our joint income is only 15 500 pr month. We ask you pleas help Marina get better and have a normal life!

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1 Ivan Tavrin 01.02.2008 143 653 roubles

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