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Zhizhina Vika, 3 years

Date of birth: 15 February 2007.
Teykovo city, Ivanovskaya oblast'.

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis. Vika’s lungs have pseudomonas aeruginosa. This infection is destroying them and it usually is the main cause of such patients’ death. Not so long ago Russian patients with cystic fibrosis got access to a medicine that is very effective against pseudomonas aeruginosa. It is called Toby for inhalation. One course of that medication costs 262,995 rubles (8,600 dollars). Vika’s parents simply don’t have enough money, we ask for your help in letting Vika breathe freely again.
1 December 2010

In 2008 you helped Vika receive one course of Colistin. It helped a lot and Vika almost didn’t get sick. Unfortunately, pseudomonas aeruginosa didn’t go away completely. For that Vika needs a stronger antibiotic Toby. It is a special antibiotic for inhalation that is developed specifically for patients with cystic fibrosis.

From the letter of Vika’s mom:

Vika is such a little girl, we really want her life to be more like that of normal children. But because of infection in her lungs she feels worse and worse every day. Without the infection people with cystic fibrosis have a chance for a long life. Please, help us treat our daughter, we can’t collect all the money by ourselves!

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