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Zhukovin Iliya, 17 years old

Date of birth: 22 August 1995.
Kharkov, Ukraine.

Diagnosis: Viscidosis. Ilya needs help to pay 180000 rubles for the medicine. His condition is serious, last year he had two surgeries and he can’t get over till now. We need your help!
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From Ilya’s letter:

My name is Ilya, the other day I turned 17. From the first day of my life I am ill with Viscidosis. Till the last year my life was the same as the lives of all people with such diagnosis: annual courses of medicine, full cupboard with medical supplies, hospitals. But in 2011 I had two surgeries and I can’t get over them till now.

I try to reconcile my life, I don’t have other choices. As strange as it may sound, my disease helped me to understand the value of life. I don’t smoke, use drugs and alcohol, I try not to waste my time, I don’t sit in front of computer for hours. I really want to live and not to waste my time on anything that can reduce my lifetime, which anyway won’t be long enough.

People get used to anything and to bad things as well. That’s why I learned to live not stuck on the inscription in my diagnosis: «poor life prognosis». I am determined and I do not want to give up. I have a dream: I want to enter the directing Department and to film a movie about those who help people like me to live. Situation with medicine supply is really bad in Ukraine, even worse than in Russia. I have never got good antibiotics though I needed them every time I was in hospital. The government doesn’t have money for my treatment. But doctors fortunately have conscience so they can’t withhold information about effective medicines from me. That’s why the doctors prescribe them and officials refuse me. Now I need Meropenem antibiotic and it costs 180000 rubles. This amount is too huge for my family, so I decided to write you this letter. Please help me if you can!

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