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Zlobin Vova, 5 years old

Date of birth: 17 January 2006.
Kazan city.

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Previous course of treatment showed that Vova has a good chance to recover. It all depends on how regular treatment is. This fall he is supposed to go to Yevpatoriya clinic for another course. The cost is 148,080 rubles (5,300 dollars). He needs your help.
17 June 2011

From the letter of Vova’s mom:

We have a large family: my husband, me and three wonderful children (two daughters and one son Vova). This young boy already has a long and sad story. He was born prematurely and with many illnesses: pneumopathy, hypoxic liver damage, kidney and pancreatic damage, partial optic atrophy. He spent a lot of time in ICU, then in the ward for newborns with abnormalities. When he was 3 months old the doctors decided he was well enough to vaccinate him. I still can’t understand how they made such poor judgment, because it is very dangerous to give vaccines to premature babies. Especially if a baby also has so many health problems. Unfortunately that cannot be undone. After vaccination Vova got worse, we pretty much didn’t leave hospitals, he had to go through all kinds of different treatment, but still he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 11 months.

In 2010 we took Vova to Yevpatoriya clinic where doctors did casting. Thanks to that treatment my son now has less contracture, his mental abilities developed, he started speaking in sentences and can understand what people tell him. It is a huge breakthrough for a child like Vova, doctors said he has a great chance of recovery.

Next treatment was recommended this fall. It is very expensive, 146,080 rubles (5,300 dollars). This is way too much money for a family with three kids. Most of our income goes to pay for loans that we had to take to pay for previous treatment. We cannot get any more loans and even if we did, we could never pay them back. We hope that you will find it in your hearts to help us.

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