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Zolotukhin Kirill, 17 years old

Date of birth: 30 March 2001.
Novokuznetsk city.

Diagnosis: infantile cerebral palsy. Despite the illness, Kirill lives an active life: studying at school, doing sports and taking part in competitions, skydiving. And now, after the surgery, he has a chance to start walking. But for this, Kirill needs training on a special machine, that will train all muscle groups. Such a machine is too expensive for a boy’s family. We ask you to help to collect 98 000 rubles for its purchase.
9 May 2018

Kirill has a priceless gift: he does not stop at anything. Even without really recovering from a serious surgery and anesthesia, he first asked the doctor: «When can I start rehabilitation?». After all, the surgery was made in order to make it easier for him to walk, but you can not go learn to walk by lying in bed. Any «you should take care» does not work with Kirill. Perhaps, precisely because Kirill does not allow himself to rest, lose time and relax, he achieved what he achieved. At home and in the neighborhood he walks with canes himself and uses wheelchair only for long distances and for playing «Boccia». And this is with the label of hopeless child in the history of the disease — from his very birth, doctors thought that the boy will never walk.

But the boy grew up and he does not just walk now. Last year Kirill made his first jump with a parachute and fulfilled the dream, that he cherished and kept from doubters for many years. Kirill became the star of local television. And watching the video of this insane flight in the archives of the channel, seeing Kirill waving arms and touching the sky, makes you cry from the feeling of respect and admiration to the boy who, unable to walk properly, could make a step into the four-kilometer emptiness towards his dream.

However sometimes it is easier to overcome yourself and your fears than to overcome physical limitations. The flight was over, and Kirill got back to earth — you can’t say it differently. He got back to the plane where it is difficult for him to walk, where he must work and train without a stop, and where his parents do not have money for machines, without which, unfortunately, he has little chance to overcome the disease, no matter how hard he tries.

Recently Kirill went through another serious surgery on his legs, and now he needs training, otherwise what the surgeons have done will not work. But the rehabilitation tools that are available to him, do not give enough physical activity, for this an elliptical machine, which allows to work through all the muscle groups is required. Such a machine costs 98,000 rubles, and this sum for Kirill’s parents is now just as unattainable as walking without a cane for himself. Four months ago, the boy’s dad — the only breadwinner in the family — received a severe break, all this time the family lives on his «sick leave», so the family barely makes the ends meet. Doctors are hurrying — the longer the boy remains without training, the less chances he has to achieve a result from the surgery, that was made. Kirill understands this, he trains without a break, applying all his strength, but he does not get much. Yes, Kirill is not used to stopping at difficulties, but now the financial issues of the family can stop him — he will not cope without your support. Once you have already helped Kirill and have purchased a wheelchair, which became his friend in life and helped to achieve a lot. We ask for your help to Kirill once again! Even in the most comfortable wheelchair it is impossible to forget the dream of learning to walk.

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